Histamine - what is the story behind it?

Histamine is a protein that is found in high levels of various foods and can lead to allergic reactions such as itching or a rash. Other people react with headaches or digestive problems when there is an increased histamine build-up in the body. Normally, histamine is broken down quickly in the gut, but about one percentage of the population this mechanism does not work properly, which leads to a histamine intolerance.


Weinstock weiß im Sonnenlicht


The Fürnkranz winery has specialized in producing wines with little to no detectable histamine content for several years now. Therefore we can ensure that truly everyone can enjoy our wines without negative reactions, which show neither immediately during or the day after the wine consumption.
We go the “extra mile” and take care to prevent histamine formation in each step of our production.

Even though we treat it as a trade secret how we ensure that the histamine content in our wines is close to 0.00 mg/L, one can say this much: soil, quality of grapes and therefore our work in the vineyards as well as every single step in the production play an important role and must be carried out with care. This is the only way to ensure that no histamine is produced in the wine making process, because histamine cannot be extracted from the wine afterwards. Therefore working with precision and care is key in the vinification process. This in combination with years of experience enable us to make sure that the histamine content in our wines remain at the low level vintage after vintage.


Taste our histamine tested wines: all “Classic” wines have a very low histamine content and very well tolerated by everyone. We recommend our histamine tested tasting package at a special price to taste your way through our assortment.

Histamin geprüftes Paket mit 6 Weinen vom Weingut Fürnkranz

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