Located in Weinviertel, Lower Austria

Welcome to our winery

Our family history in Obritz can be traced back to 1625 and until today, the winery is family-run and is striving to create premium wine, which is vegan and contains low histamine levels.
We focus on sustainable viticulture respecting nature and therefore growing a great variety of different quality wines including fungus resistant varieties.


Vegan & sustainable

We believe in respecting the nature and interfering as little as possible. We therefore use fertilizers and machines wisely, just enough to guarantee healthy vines with tasty grapes to produce high quality wine.

When Gerald Fürnkranz took over the business in 2013, a new concept was introduced – vegan (purely plant-based) winemaking. Back then, our winery was the first vegan-certified winery in Austria.

Weingu Gerald Fürnkranz - Salon2023

Premium quality

Year after year, we strive to produce wine of premium quality, which can be achieved due to our thorough work in the vineyard all year round to our year long experience in wine production.

Falstaff, AWC, A La Carte or Salon Austria Wine – our wines have been awarded by many different wine experts, nationally and internationally and therefore confirmed its high standard.


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Meet us in person


We look forward to seeing you at the next trade fair/event where you can taste our wines and get to know us and our family-run winery in a casual setting.

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Weingut Fürnkranz

Gerald Fürnkranz
A-2061 Obritz 170
Tel.: +43 (0)676 9664841
E-Mail: info@vegan-wein.at

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