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About us

Our family history of farming and winemaking can be traced back to 1625 in Obritz and we are currently cultivating a vineyard of about 20 hectares in a sustainable way.

From the vine to the wine

For generations, Weinbau Fürnkranz has not only been producing high-quality wine, but also the vines that are important for this, which are the basis for great wine. These are then exposed to loess, loam and limestone soils, which are all ideal for viticulture, and grow into vines with excellent grapes. During the ripening period of the grapes, the care of the vine and foliage treatment is carried out in a traditional way with manual labour, so that in autumn the healthy grapes can be harvested and then can be processed in a modern way at the winery.

In 2013, the winery was taken over by Gerald Fürnkranz, where the emphasis has been placed on a completely new concept – vegan (purely plant-based) winemaking. This is not as is usually the case clarified with animal wine treatment agents ( e.g. by gelatin or fish bladder, and no casein or egg white is used for harmonization). Instead, we rely on physical measures, such as settling the must, or vegetable means, such as pea protein. 

Weingarten Weingut Fürnkranz

Stagnation is not an option

We are always trying to evolve, be it in the selection of vines, production, or cuveeting. This leads not only to an increasing popularity with private customers, but more restaurants (from down-to-earth pubs to 5-star restaurants and hotels) rely on our wines.

These are convinced by both, the high quality, as well as the awards received from wine experts. Since 2016, our winery has been awarded with international awards, and many of our wines regularly receive high point ratings nationally as well as internationally. We are particularly proud to have been awarded the AWC Three Star Winery 2020, as we were one of 22 wineries in Austria to receive this award.

At the beginning of 2021, a label relaunch was carried out. Inspired by our family crest, the new label was designed, which now combines tradition and modernity in its form. The colour of the family crest on the label also helps to distinguish our lines. The Classic line has a small silver embossed coat of arms, the Exclusive wines are marked with a golden coat of arms.


Not only has the label evolved, but also our range. At the end of 2021, for the first time, a Natural wine part can be tasted from the Fürnkranz winery. This specialty has been aging in barrique barrels since 2018 and impresses with its intense, dense and mature taste. In 2022 we extended our range of sparkling wines by our first Pet Nat from the Zweigelt grape. 

Etikett Weingut Fürnkranz

We work with a lot of dedication and conviction on developing our wines and our range further and are happy to pass on this enthusiasm of our products to our customers.

Weingut Fürnkranz

Gerald Fürnkranz
A-2061 Obritz 170

Tel.: +43 (0)676 9664841
Fax: +43 (0)2943 2660

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