For many generations, our family has been involved in viticulture and agriculture and thus are dependent on the yields of nature. By treating nature with respect (also in the vineyards), by procuring resources in a CO2-neutral way as far as possible and also by focusing on biodiversity, we make our contribution so that future generations can also enjoy the beauty of the Weinviertel and preserve the tradition of wine making.
The RWA magazine “Unser Hof” visited us at the winery and published an article in which, among other things, focused on our sustainable initiatives. You can read the whole article here.

Participation in ÖPUL (Austrian Programme for Environmentally Sound Agriculture):
This programme defines the following goals, among others: preservation and improvement of biodiversity, prevention of soil erosion and improvement of water management.
The cultivation of more than 20 different grape varieties, including 3 fungus-resistant varieties (Donauriesling, Blütenmuskateller, Roesler), as well as the permanent greening of the vineyards supports the biodiversity of insects and bees, which play a valuable role especially in flower pollination.
Rainwater cisterns:
The 25,000-litre capacity of the cisterns is used to irrigate the orchards and some of the vineyards.
Climate-neutral electricity:
There is over 1,400m² of photovoltaic surface on two halls, which can supply over 64 single-family households with a generating capacity of over 255kwP.
Electric vehicles:
With the forklift and a cargo tricycle, we have converted the first two vehicles in the company to electric vehicles.
Glass & Cardboard Recycling:
By taking back wine bottles and packaging, we save precious energy and resources without compromising the quality of the product.

In agriculture, we rely on a coordinated crop rotation in the fields and we regularly cultivate catch crops to support the soil against erosion and to increase the humus content in the soil.

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